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If you are developer of web based perl application you know what is text configuration files for your CGI scripts. You do not like them, users of your applications hate them. indexsoft configurator lets you to rid of headache and forget about text edit of configuration files.

indexsoft configurator creates configuration files in following style:

	$SMTPSERVER = q{localhost};
	$SMTPPORT = q{25};
	$SMTPAUTH = q{pop3};
	$POP3PASS = q{userpass};
	$POP3LOGIN = q{username};
	$PRIORITY[0] = q{low};
	$PRIORITY[1] = q{normal};
	$PRIORITY[2] = q{high};

	# or
	@PRIORITY = qw{low normal high};

	# or
	%PRIORITY = qw{low 4
	normal 3
	high 2};

	# or
	$PRIORITY{low} = q{4 (Low)};
	$PRIORITY{normal} = q{3 (Normal)};
	$PRIORITYq{high} = q{4 (High)};

	# even
	$FUNCTION = eval q{...};

Such files can be safety used in perl require function.


  • Comfortable mode for create and edit configuration files for any of your perl applications (no more headache with text configurations files)
  • Additional text mode for edit configuration files
  • Simplicity in upgrade procedure of you web based applications
  • Supports variables, arrays and hashes
  • Supports calculated values
  • If configuration file requires additional variables indexsoft configurator let add them in easy manner (no text edit at all)
  • Support HTML templates for easy integration in you own web based applications
  • Multilanguage support
  • Easily install, configure and handle
  • Works on *nix and Windows *
  • Different modes of licensing

system requirements

  • Perl 5.005 or higher

release history

  • ver 1.21 September 08 2004
    1. bug with form values was fixed;
  • ver 1.1 October 30 2003
    1. key 'quote' was added
    2. key 'vquote' was added
    3. supports arrays and hashes (key 'var')
    4. language support
    5. some configurations parameters
    6. short manual
  • ver 1.0 October 23 2003
    1. first release


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