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indexsoft Site-Up

indexsoft Site-UP
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by Hotscripts


indexsoft Site-UP is a multilingual web based file manager with build-in WYSIWYG editor. With help of Site-UP you can easy support your website using only a computer connected to the Internet and browser. Moreover indexsoft Site-UP with success can replace any FTP client and telnet or ssh access. Site-UP currently supports English, Dutch, Spanish, French and Russian languages.


In contrast to many other analogous products the indexsoft Site-UP has customary two-windows interface, which allows with the ease perform the operations of saving, copying, moving, packing and unpacking files, creating the symbolic links and others operations with the target directory indicated.

Indexsoft Site-UP contains the built-in FTP client and supports the sending of files via email. Also are supported the search for files, the selection of files with the mask, the creation of several files and directories by one operation, downloading and uploading of files, the executing of the files, the use of templates for the newly created files. Indexsoft Site-UP can download files via FTP and HTTP protocols.

Build-in WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) HTML editor allow to edit HTML fragments contained within any documents (HTML, SSI, Perl, PHP, etc.).

Basic commands and operations of the software are accessible with the hot keys, that will make the use of the program not only convenient, but also very rapid.

Moreover indexsoft Site-UP is distributed with free professional installation, lifetime support and upgrades and 100% money back guarantee. We makes it for your success and pleasure.

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  • Real multilingual and skinable software
  • One copy of Site-UP can serve several websites
  • Hot keys and the feature of executing the main commands quickly
  • A built-in WYSIWYG editor for HTML documents
  • Editing HTML fragments contained within any other documents (SSI, Perl, PHP, etc.)
  • Supports 'descript.ion' files
  • A built-in editor for editing any text documents
  • A convenient file search through the directory structure
  • Selecting files and directories for operations using a mask
  • Creating several files with one command
  • Creating several directories with one command
  • The unlimited number of customizing templates for new files
  • Uploading any files to the server
  • Uploading several files to the server with one command
  • Deleting, moving, renaming, copying, changing access rights for a list of files and directories including non-empty ones
  • Working with symbolic links (only for *nix)
  • Archiving and unpacking files and directories
  • Launching external commands and executable files and viewing the results of their performance
  • A built-in mail client for sending files via e-mail
  • A built-in FTP client for uploading files to an FTP server
  • Downloading files using FTP or HTTP protocol
  • A convenient way of pre-viewing images
  • A convenient method for inserting images when working with the WYSIWYG editor
  • Quick view of a document in the browser
  • Self-performed installation, configuration and update
  • Easy and convenient configuration mode
  • The customization the program to fit your exact needs
  • The free professional installation of indexsoft Site-Up

system requirements

  • Server:
    1. *NIX or Windows * based server
    2. Perl 5.005 or higher
    3. Apache web server (recommended)
  • Client:
    1. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher.
      The main features (except the WYSIWYG editor for HTML documents) will work in any browser supporting JavaScript.

release history

  • ver 2.64 January 25 2007
    1. some slight bugs fixed
    2. some useful improvements
  • ver 2.63 May 18 2005
    1. added: HTML documents preview
    2. added: images preview now works while selecting a link
    3. added: select a link by navigating a web site now possible
    4. fixed: errors in images preview
    5. fixed: popup windows is resizable now
    6. some improvements
  • ver 2.62 February 01 2005
    1. bug fixed: 'ignore file extensions' list do not work in the main window
    2. bug fixed: error in download file by HTTP and FTP
    3. added: now directory secected in the main window is default working directory of the Site-UP's script
    4. added: multiple URL's to download in the one textarea
    5. added in WYSIWYG editor: justify none; enlarge editor
    6. added: select HTML, URL and image scripts now remembers last used path
    7. added: language auto detect while configuring
  • ver 2.61 September 27 2004
    1. Alt+N hot key was added to show/hide menu
    2. Many minor and major improvements
    3. Compatible with SURWS (our future product)
  • ver 2.6 March 31 2004
    1. now possible to sort files list by name, extension, date, mode and size
    2. inquiry about target directory will be asked only if required
    3. now possible to swap menu and main window directories (Alt+W)
    4. configuration mode became more smart
    5. now possible to insert content of the external files to the WYSIWYG editor window
    6. 'descript.ion' files support
    7. now possible to remove web site URL from links and images URLs while saving files
    8. some interface improvements
  • ver 2.51 March 12 2004
    1. serious bug with DOS/UNIX formats (CRLF/LF) was fixed
  • ver 2.5 February 03 2004
    1. multilingual support
    2. "one copy for many web sites" support
    3. some improvements in the interface and navigation
    4. build-in XML viewer
    5. FTP and HTTP download was added
    6. tips & trick was added
    7. new skins, some bugs in skins was fixed
    8. many others minor and major improvements
    9. new manual
  • ver 2.0 November 12 2003
    1. powered by indexsoft configurator
    2. new navigation
    3. skinable interface
    4. many improvements
    5. some bugs was fixed
  • ver 1.5 September 9 2003
    1. problem with image preview is fixed;
    2. ftp upload passive mode is added;
    3. unpacking archives;
    4. showing files and directories permissions
    5. executing files and commands;
    6. determination of HTML fragments in non-HTML documents;
    7. using external stylesheets in WYSIWYG editor
    8. download files;
    9. hide directories and files;
    10. work with symlinks;
    11. manual is written (very good news);
    12. and many more...
  • ver 1.3 July 9 2003
    1. images preview is added;
    2. smart images insert in WYSIWYG mode;
    3. hotkeys for basic operations is added;
    4. some bugs was fixed;
  • ver 1.2 June 20 2003
    1. build-in WYSIWYG editor;
    2. copy, rename, move, pack and save files can is made in any selected directory;
    3. some changes in interface;
    4. some minor changes;
  • ver 1.1 June 06 2003
    1. selecting files and directories by mask;
    2. coping files and directories;
    3. deleting not empty directories;
    4. email files;
    5. FTP files and directories;
    6. archiving files and directories;
    7. multiple templates for new files;
    8. multiple upload and create files and directories;
    9. "one-click" rename feature;
    10. some minor changes;
  • ver 1.0 May 23 2003
    1. first release;
  • ver 0.99 October 03 2002 (prerelease)
  • ver 0.98 May 1 2002 (not distributed)


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