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indexsoft intuitive mailer

indexsoft intuitive mailer
39.95 USD
   Is a powerful web based mail list manager. It will meet most of your needs for handling any size mailing list. indexsoft intuitive mailer supports unlimited mail lists, unlimited numbers of users, HTML messages, unlimited numbers of attachments, pending message dispatches, background message delivery, automatic user-side subscription and unsubscription and much more...


indexsoft intuitive mailer dramatically saves your time at lowest cost! Once installed it will be the companion for your web site and will collect users emails and send your messages while your computer is powered off! At any time it ready to send out your message to thousands of your clients. You will pay for indexsoft intuitive mailer only once and will get lifetime support and upgrades.

versions of indexsoft intuitive mailer

There are different versions of Indexsoft Intuitive Mailer: free, commercial and trial. At the moment, there are three of those versions:

  • Indexsoft Intuitive Mailer v.1.97 Commercial
  • Indexsoft Intuitive Mailer v.1.91 Trial
  • Indexsoft Intuitive Mailer v.1.5 Free

The free and trial versions are feature limited. The free version of Indexsoft Intuitive Mailer can be used as long as you wish. We suppose that using free version you choose to purchase a commercial one.

Unlike free version, the commercial one is continuously updated. The free version is updated as often as once a year. Registered commercial users receive updates on a regular basis, as well as email support prior to any other. However, free users can as well request for assistance in Indexsoft Intuitive Mailer installing and configuring.

Trial version of Indexsoft Intuitive Mailer is time limited. After 15 day of use you must purchase your own copy or completely remove from anywhere all files related to Indexsoft Intuitive Mailer.


 commercial (ver.1.97)/
trial (ver.1.91)
Main features
Support for unlimited amount of subscription lists ++
Support for unlimited amount of users for each subscription list ++
Support for manual subscription and unsubscription ++
Support for one-at-a-time or group-at-a-time user subscription and unsubscription ++
Support for temporary message delivery disabling, for user or for group of users +-
(by one user only)
Support for automatic email syntax and duplicate email entries ++
Additional information about subscribers +-

Working with messages
Prepare messages in you favourite mail program, such as MS Outlook Express or The Bat or any others+-
Arrange unlimited list of templates for each subscription list ++
Compose HTML messages +-
Preview messages for accuracy +-
Preview with editing mode+-
Easy insert keywords in composed messages+-
Attach unlimited amount of files +-
Inline options for customised list of files is added+-
Specify attachment list for each maillist ++
Easily access attachments on the server (they are stored in single shared directory) ++
Easily upload attachment files through web based interface ++
Use special templates to automate subjects and messages composing ++
Adjust message headers (to comply with the localised codepage and others) +-
Customise charset converter (to comply with the localised codepage) +-
Use messages of unlimited size +-
(bug fixed in v1.7)

Message delivery features
Each message delivers to user individually (your message will not be taken as spam) ++
Messages can be sent to users via single maillist or via several maillists at a time ++
Messages can be sent to a group of users or individually ++
Messages can be sent to a list of users retrieved as a search result ++
Messages can be sent to a list of users retrieved from external database or file (you do not need to refuse software or script you are using to collect users emails) +-
Messages can be dispatched pending specified date and time (you can wish happy New Year in July) +-
Messages can be delivered in background mode (no time-out problems, tested with more then 200,000 emails) ++
Messages can be sent via SMTP server or external program (for example Linux sendmail) ++
Any SMTP server can be used (support for POP-before-SMTP authentication with SMTP servers) +-
Messages can be dispatched via cron job, manually via command prompt, manually through web based interface ++
Messages can be dispatched according to priority levels +-
Return-Path for sending messages+-

Managing subscriptions
Support for subscribe and unsubscribe confirmation messages, plain text or HTML +-
(plain text only)
Attachments support for confirmation messages +-
Confirmation messages preview for accuracy +-
Support for different SMTP server to dispatch confirmation messages ++
Support for subscribe and unsubscribe queries check via cron job, manually via command prompt, or through web based interface ++
Address and Domain Banning +-
Any email received is stored in the database for ever +-

Maillist export
Export entire maillist into text file +-
Customise maillist export (use advanced search options to specify what of the entire database should be exported) +-

Set-up and configuring
Easily install, configure and handle Intuitive Mailer through web based interface (no more headache with text configurations files) ++
Works on *nix and Windows * ++

system requirements

  • *NUX or Windows * based server
  • Perl 5.005 or higher
  • MySQL database server
  • DBI and DBD::mysql Perl modules
  • Apache web server (recommended)

from the customers

I've installed mailing list manager and it's really cool! I can see where you've spent the majority of your development time--that's really a professional product!

release history

  • ver 1.97, July 08 2004
    1. Improvement while working with "sql queries"
  • ver 1.95, August 26 2004
    1. MySQL query mistake was fixed (while adding list of subscribers)
  • ver 1.94, August 05 2004
    1. Outlook compatible HTML messages + last minutes updates
  • ver 1.93, July 29 2004
    1. bug related to HTML values of the forms was fixed
  • ver 1.92, September 10 2003
    1. search results now return maillists membership for every found subscriber
  • ver 1.91, August 11 2003
    1. some minor changes;
    2. trial version released;
  • ver 1.9, July 8 2003
    1. Many improvement in email delivery, subscriptions, interface. Some bugs are fixed
  • ver 1.8, April 9 2003
    1. Some email readers can not open attachments. Bug is fixed
    2. Inline options for customised list of files is added
    3. SendMail v.2.09 is included
    4. Return-Path is added (may not work with SMTP servers)
    5. MIME::Base64 and MIME::QuotedPrint modules are included
    6. Make inserting keywords in composed messages easier
    7. Add options to start dispatching immediately or save to a list for future processing
    8. Message preview with editing mode. You can edit documents from MS Word/Excel or HTML pages from Internet Explorer. This works only with MS Internet Explorer
  • ver 1.7, March 3 2003
    1. Fixed bug with date of sending messages
    2. Fixed bug with big messages
    3. Fixed bug with quotas in mail headers
    4. Disable or enable users by groups
    5. Message for dispatch can be prepared in any mail client
    6. Priority of messages is added
    7. Address and domain banning is added
    8. subscribe.cgi is rewritten
    9. subscribe.cgi sends help to messages with empty subject
    10. subscribe.cgi print date of request
    11. All modules come with installation kit
    12. Some useful changes in web based interface
    13. Some changes in delivery.cgi
    14. Manual is written (very good news)
  • ver 1.6, January 31 2003
    1. Additional information about subscribers;
    2. Send messages to a subscriber list retrieved from external database or file;
    3. Inserting datetime fields made more easy;
    4. Add export of subscriber list or search results;
    5. HTML confirmation messages;
    6. Attachment support for confirmation messages;
    7. Confirmation message preview for accuracy;
    8. Help message about mail lists will send even if subject is empty;
    9. Many improvements in interface;
    10. Some changes;
  • ver 1.5, January 1 2003
    1. automatic subscribe and unsubscribe;
    2. message preview;
    3. building encoding converter;
    4. extended search of the subscribers;
    5. pending dispatches of the messages;
    6. many more userful features;
  • ver 1.01, December 10 2002
    1. background message delivery is added;
    2. possibility of message delivery from the command prompt added;
    3. POP before SMTP authentification with SMTP servers now supported;
    4. fixed some errors;
  • ver 1.0, November 26 2002
    1. first release;


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