indexsoft Site-UP

Editing files

indexsoft Site-UP allows you to edit files either in the text mode or in the WYSIWYG editor for HTML documents. indexsoft Site-Up automatically determines which mode the selected file should be edited in according to the parameters you have specified (see the configuration parameters 'HTML file extensions' and 'Text file extensions ' of the 'Files and directories parameters' section of the configuration mode). But if needed, when editing, you can always switch between the modes. You just need to click the file in the main window or in the menu window of indexsoft Site-UP to start editing it. When editing a file in both the text mode and the WYSIWYG mode, you can save it with a different name, to a different directory, save it as a template for new messages or delete it.

Hot keys (the text editor):

  1. press 'Alt+F' to change the name of the file
  2. press 'Alt+S' to save the file
  3. press 'Alt+T' to save the file as a template
  4. press 'Alt+D' to delete the file