indexsoft Site-UP

Creating files and directories, uploading files to the server

Using indexsoft Site-Up, you can create several files or directories with one operation. By default, all files and directories are created with the rights specified in the Chmod files and Chmod directories configuration parameters respectively. Enter a name for a directory in the 'Create directory:' field to create a directory or enter a name for a file in the 'Create file:' field to create a file. The template you specified will be used as a template for the new file. You can also upload the file from your computer to the server by selecting it and specifying its name in the 'Upload file:' field. Press the 'Submit' button.

To create several files or directories or to upload several files at a time, click the 'more fields' link in the header as many times as you need, to get the necessary number of fields.

Hot keys:

  1. press 'Alt+E'
  2. press 'Alt+T' to create a directory, enter its name
  3. press 'Alt+F' to create a file, enter its name, specify the template
  4. press 'Alt+U' to select and upload a file to the server
  5. press 'Enter'