indexsoft Site-UP

Copying files and directories

With indexsoft Site-UP you can copy files and directories. When a directory is copied, all files and subdirectories of that directory are also copied. Select the files and directories you are going to copy, select the target directory in the indexsoft Site-Up menu, where the files will be copied, select 'Copy selected files and directories' below the list of files and press the 'Copy selected' button. Please note: after you select a file or a directory, you get the opportunity to give it a new name (the 'New name' column in the list of files). If you specify a new name for a file or a directory, it will be copied to the file or directory with the new name you have specified.

Hot keys:

  1. select files and/or directories
  2. specify new names for the selected files and directories, if necessary
  3. select the target directory in the menu, if necessary
  4. press 'Alt+C'
  5. press 'Enter' to start copying