indexsoft Site-UP

Changing the access rights to files and directories

With indexsoft Site-UP you can change the access rights to files and directories (only for *nix systems). Select the files and directories you are going to change the access rights to, select 'Chmod files to:, directories to:' below the list of files, specify the access rights that will be set to the files and directories (separately) and press the 'Chmod selected' button. The target directory and a new name for a file are not used in the process of changing the access rights to a file. If changing the access rights is performed together with renaming/moving the files, changes in the access rights takes place first and is followed by moving.

Hot keys:

  1. select files and directories
  2. press 'Alt+H'
  3. specify the new access rights separately for the files and directories
  4. press 'Enter' to confirm the operation