indexsoft Site-UP

indexsoft Site-UP main features

  1. Real multilingual and skinable software
  2. One copy of Site-UP can serve several websites
  3. Hot keys and the feature of executing the main commands quickly
  4. A built-in WYSIWYG editor for HTML documents
  5. Editing HTML fragments contained within any other documents (SSI, Perl, PHP, etc.)
  6. A built-in editor for editing any text documents
  7. A convenient file search through the directory structure
  8. Selecting files and directories for operations using a mask
  9. Creating several files with one command
  10. Creating several directories with one command
  11. The unlimited number of customizing templates for new files
  12. Uploading of any files to the server
  13. Uploading several files to the server with one command
  14. Deleting, moving, renaming, copying, changing access rights for a list of files and directories including non-empty ones
  15. Working with symbolic links (only for *nix)
  16. Archiving and unpacking files and directories
  17. Launching external commands and executable files and viewing the results of their performance
  18. A built-in mail client for sending files via e-mail
  19. A built-in FTP client for uploading files to an FTP server
  20. Downloading files using FTP or HTTP protocol
  21. A convenient way of pre-viewing images
  22. A convenient method for inserting images when working with the WYSIWYG editor
  23. Quick view of a document in the browser
  24. Self-performed installation, configuration and update
  25. Easy and convenient configuration mode
  26. Customization of the program to fit your exact needs
  27. The free professional installation of indexsoft Site-Up