indexsoft Site-UP

indexsoft Site-UP configuration

After the installation of indexsoft Site-UP is completed it does not require any additional configuring.  You can always perform a fine configuration of indexsoft Site-UP to make it fit your needs and become more comfortable. Please note that, by default, the built-in indexsoft Site-UP WYSIWYG editor of HTML documents is not used for every file type. If you want to configure the WYSIWYG HTML editor to work with HTML documents or any documents containing HTML code (e.g. SSI, Perl, PHP documents), you should specify the correct values of the parameters 'Beginning of the HTML fragment' and 'End of the HTML fragment'. Consult the sections 'Configuration parameters' and 'WYSIWYG editing mode'.

To start the indexsoft Site-UP configuration mode, click the link 'configure' at the bottom of the main window of indexsoft Site-UP. The process of configuring indexsoft Site-UP specifies the necessary values for the configuration parameters. After you have finished, press the button 'Save changes' to save the applied changes.