Indexsoft Intuitive Mailer

Upgrades and Support

There are different versions of Indexsoft Intuitive Mailer: free and commercial. At the moment, there are two of those versions:

The free version is feature limited. To learn the difference between the versions, check Indexsoft Intuitive Mailer homepage. The free version of Indexsoft Intuitive Mailer can be used as long as you wish. We suppose that using free version you choose to purchase a commercial one.

Unlike free version, the commercial one is continuously updated. The free version is updated as often as once a year. Registered commercial users receive updates on a regular basis, as well as email support prior to any other. However, free users can as well request for assistance in Indexsoft Intuitive Mailer installing and configuring.

It is as easy to migrate from free version to commercial one, as well as update a commercial one. To do so:

Thus, to migrate from Version 1.5 to Version 1.7 you should first run upg15-16.cgi, then upg16-17.cgi. You can run files either via command prompt, or via your browser. After updates you can delete all upgXX-YY.cgi files.