Indexsoft Intuitive Mailer

User-side Subscribing and Unsubscribing

Indexsoft Intuitive Mailer provides support for users to subscribe and unsubscribe on their own, as well as get help on how to use maillist system. Unlike most of available maillist managers, Indexsoft Intuitive Mailer allows users to use email rather than web-interface. To control his/her status, user can easily send a special query message to a specified email address. Note that before users can use this feature, the required parameters in Subscription and unsubscription section must be correctly set.

If you do not intend to use automatic subscription and unsubscription support, you can skip this section.

Using email is more safe and convenient than using web-based forms. However, in case you intend to provide users with web-based forms to subscribe/unsubscribe, any appropriate form-mailer available to you can be used.

After all required parameters in Subscription and unsubscription section are correctly set, create a message and send it to the specified email. The subject of this message must contain 'help' (no quotes, case-insensitive). In response, you should receive a help message. For example, click here to request for help for maillists.

Here follows a command list to use with maillists. These commands must go into message subject, case insensitive:

In response to these commands, Indexsoft Intuitive Mailer will send confirmation message. To create and customise confirmation message see Configuring Indexsoft Intuitive Mailer, Confirmation messages section.