Indexsoft Intuitive Mailer

Install SendMail Perl Module

What should be done if SendMail Perl module is not installed on the server?

The original version of this module you can always download at the vendor's web-site. However, we recommend that you use a patched version of this module. This version would allow Indexsoft Intuitive Mailer to use external mail programs (e.g. Linux sendmail), besides regular SMTP servers. You can download this version at Indexsoft® web-site.

You should find SendMail Perl module installation instructions in the original installation package. However, you can just copy file into the directory in which Indexsoft Intuitive Mailer is installed. SendMail Perl module is required for Indexsoft Intuitive Mailer to function. You will not be able to use Indexsoft Intuitive Mailer without this module.