Indexsoft Intuitive Mailer

Install Mail::POP3Client Perl Module

What should be done if Mail::POP3Client Perl module is not installed on the server?

To install it, you should first download this module at CPAN. Then unpack archive and follow installation instructions.

There is an alternative way to install Mail::POP3Client Perl module:

If you are using Windows platform and ActivePerl from ActiveState you can install Mail::POP3Client module from ActiveState PPM repository by typing at command prompt:

ppm install Mail::POP3Client

You must install Mail::POP3Client Perl module in case you intend to enable support for automated user-side subscription and unsubscription. Besides, you must install this module in case you intend to use your favourite mail program for message composing. Except for these purposes, this module is not required for Indexsoft Intuitive Mailer.